Metro (Select) Competitive Playing League


1. The fall playing season shall be designated from August 1st until December 31st. This includes pre-season and post-season tournaments. Season games will normally be played on Saturdays. If games are played on Sundays, it is recommended that no game will begin before noon.

2. League game schedules for 10 regular season games will be published as follows, depending on total number of entered teams, the end of the 3rd week of September for the first 5 games. Then reseed teams as needed and the second half will be published the Sunday after the 5th week of play.

3. The first regular season games will start on August 21. No game on Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 4th) The regular season should conclude on October 30.

4. If a game must be rescheduled the Coaches and the Home club need to work on rescheduling the game within 2 weeks. If the Home team can’t reschedule, then the visiting team may schedule the game on their home field (with their club’s approval).

June 2021


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